Words and letters…

While looking for some papers, I came across a folder full of old letters, postcards, greeting cards that I have received from people all over the past years. I read a few of them again and it felt so good to hold a paper bearing words that brought back memories along with love, blessings and best wishes. Words have magic and power that can change a lot many things.

So many times we feel like sharing our thoughts and feelings with someone but don’t know the right person or are afraid of being judged. Often all that we need is to just vent out things that burden our heart and mind. Inspired by a friend, I want to write letters (email for now) to fellow women all over the world who have something to share. If you want to say something or to receive an email from me about anything that’s going on in your life, you can drop a comment below. Keep in mind that I’m not any professional, just a fellow human being with a heart to listen and share my thoughts with you if you want. 🙂


A page from my Journal

A page from my journal that I keep adding sentences to, whenever I open it once a few months or so. It’s amazing to notice how our thoughts change with time and experiences. Sometimes I look at my own words written months ago and think if it was really me who wrote it then. Sometimes it feels good to see how far I have come from being scared and doubtful to peaceful. It’s not that all is perfect now, that’s not going to happen ever. That’s just how life is. I’m learning to be more accepting, forgiving and hopeful. With hope and faith on my side, it’s easier. 🙂